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Prayer Clubs

At our school, our faith journey extends beyond the classroom. Our extra-curricular prayer clubs provide a haven for our pupils to explore and embrace their faith, whilst also promoting a sense of unity. Pupils are encouraged to engage in meaningful discussions and cultivate their religious practices. We understand the importance of nurturing the whole child, and our prayer clubs play a vital role in supporting their emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. We invite all pupils from EYFS to Year 6, seeking a space for reflection and connection, to participate in these integral extra-curricular prayer clubs. 

December - Advent

During Advent, we have the opportunity to gather as a KS2 family to share ideas about how we can be ready to meet Jesus.

This year the children collectively created an Advent Reflection. They reflected on simple steps that they could take in their daily lives and explored how they could carry out our mission.


During Lent, we gather together to explore CAFOD’s Lenten calendar to help us journey through Lent.

This year our Year 4 pupils reflected on Pope Francis’ Lenten message and began each session by exploring how Jesus speaks to us through the word of God. They explored daily readings and used CAFOD’s online Lent calendar to journey through Lent with their global family. The children created purple prayer cubes and encouraged each other to preform acts of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Lenten Prayer Club

Through the inspiring resources from Mission Together, we gathered together in prayer, exploring themes of repentance, sacrifice, and renewal. Our interactive sessions incorporated Lent-themed craft activities, providing hands-on experiences that reinforced the messaged shared in the weekly Gospel reading.

May - The Month of Mary

Our prayer club in May is dedicated to “Mary”.

This year, the children were provided with the opportunity to learn about, explore and pray the mysteries of the Holy Rosary. Each week the children explored and reflected on one of the four mysteries.

June - The Sacred Heart

During the month of June, children from Reception and KS1 have the opportunity to take part in a Sacred Heart Prayer Club.

This year the children gathered together to learn about the devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The children were encouraged to be prayerful and attentive during this special time. All children took an active role in the club; setting up the prayer table, writing and reading prayers, singing Hymns and listening to the word God. The children had the opportunity to create Sacred Hearts using a range of different materials, building upon skills they have learnt during their art lessons. They also reflected on the devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and shared prayers of love and thanks.

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