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Spelling & Grammar

In 2019 we introduced a new approach to our spelling teaching and learning using 'Spelling Shed'. This scheme has been created following key National Curriculum objectives and provides children with 100%  coverage of the statutory and non-statutory spelling lists in each age phase.

It is a fun interactive way to help children practise spellings via simple online games. Pupils will also be given a booklet containing their spelling lists for the year (also available on the school website). Each week, children are set ten spellings. The words in their spelling list either follow a particular rule or relate to a certain sound, depending on their age and/or ability. They will be tested each week and should practise their spellings using both the booklet and the Spelling Shed website. You do not have to purchase the app – they can log in using the official website instead.


There are four difficulty levels, which offer different levels of support. By playing the games, pupils earn points to buy items for their avatars. We will be able to monitor how much each child practises their spellings and will be able to address common areas of difficulty.

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