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  • Change of Details | St Bernadette's Cath

    Change of Details Child's Name Class Parent / Carer Name Relationship to Child Email Phone Home Address Name of Emergency Contact Emergency Contact Number Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Education | St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School | West Midlands

    St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School 1/10 Parent Pay Newsletter ​ School opening hours Monday to Thursday 8.30am -3.15 pm Friday 8.30am- 2.00pm Total time 32.5 hours Pupil Absence Staff Email We are delighted to announce that St Bernadette’s School has achieved the Live Simply Award , having successfully demonstrated that we are living simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the world’s poorest communities. Please visit our 'Live Simply' page to find out more!

  • Parents | St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School

    Newsletters Previous Newsletters School Attendance - A Very Important Message for all Parents & Carers Bedtime Stories Diary Dates ​ Autumn Term 2023 Tuesday 4th September to Friday 27th October Half Term Monday 6th November to Friday 22nd December Spring Term 2024 Monday 9th January to Friday 9th February Half Term Monday 19th February to Friday 22nd March Summer Term 2024 Monday 8th April to Friday 24th May Half Term Monday 3rd June to Tuesday 19th July Please note these dates may be subject to change CALENDAR FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR September 2023 – July 2024 Term Dates for the Academic Year 2023 – 2024 Autumn Term 2023 Monday 4th September 2023 To Friday 27th October 2023 ​ Half Term ​ Tuesday 7th November 2023 To Friday 22nd December 2023 ​ Spring Term 2024 Tuesday 9th January 2024 To Friday 9th February 2024 ​ Half Term ​ Tuesday 19th February 2024 To Friday 22nd March 2024 ​ Summer Term 20 24 Monday 8th April 2024 To Friday 24th May 2024 ​ Half Term ​ Monday 3rd June 2024 To Friday 19th July 2024 ​ INSET DAYS Monday 18th September 2023 Monday 6th November 2023 Monday 8th January 2024 Friday 3rd May 2024 Monday 22nd July 2024 ​ Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2024 ​ Please note that these dates may be subject to change Parent Meetings Nursery Nursery Welcome Meeting 2023 Reception Reception Welcome Meeting 2023 Reception RWI Meeting 2022 Year 1 Year 1 Welcome Meeting 2023 Year 2 Year 2 Welcome Meeting 2023 SATs Meeting 2023 Year 3 Year 3 Welcome Meeting 2023 Year 4 Year 4 Welcome Meeting 2023 Year 4 Maths Week Resources Year 5 Year 5 Welcome Meeting 2023 Year 6 year 6 FGM / CSE Meeting Year 6 Welcome Meeting 2023 Latest Tweets @StBernsPrimary Nursery Instagram @StBernsNursery Podcasts Bedtime Stories Wishlist If you would like to donate a book to our school, the links below contain items from our Top 20 lists and Book of the Month recommendations. Each book will be stamped with the name of the person who has donated it and will be placed on our class bookshelves. Nursery Year 3 Reception Year 4 Year 1 Year 5 Year 2 Year 6 Wishlist

  • Pupil Absence | St Bernadette's Cath

    Pupil Absence Please complete the form below to report a pupil absence. Name of Child Class Date of Absence Reason for Absence Name of Parent Contact Phone Number Email Address Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Year of Prayer | St Bernadette's Cath

    Year of Prayer Preparing for the Jubilee Year 2025 In preparation for the 2025 Jubilee Year 'Pilgrims of Hope', 2024 has been designated a Year of Prayer by Pope Francis, with a particular focus on the Our Father. ​ 'Jesus was praying in a certain place, and when He finished, one of his disciples said to Him, "Lord, teach us to pray..." ' Luke 11:1 ​ Someone once said that 'prayer doesn’t help our relationship with God, prayer IS our relationship with God!' and so when we become more devoted to prayer, we are building up that Divine friendship. Being Pilgrims of Hope means that we should always be growing in our love of prayer on our journey of Faith. “I would greatly desire that we devote 2024, the year preceding the Jubilee event, to a great ‘symphony’ of prayer.’ ” Pope Francis Prayer is a gift from God, a sacred connection that fosters a living relationship with the divine Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This year we have planned many opportunities for our school community to cultivate this relationship with God: ​ Prayer Cards Each child across school has been presented with a Year of Prayer prayer card. ​ Prayer Bags During this Year of Prayer, we have enhanced the prayer bags with various resources to encourage families to develop their relationship with God through prayer. The children will have the opportunity to take home the class prayer bag to encourage families to pray together. Stay & Pray This Year of Prayer, we are inviting parents and carers to attend a ‘Stay and Pray’ Session in school with their child. They will be able to set aside the distractions of their busy lives and embark on a faith journey together, as they reflect and grow in their love of prayer. Monthly Prayer Services ​ Class prayer services are held monthly where children plan and lead the service. Encouraging children to embrace their faith journey, our prayer services allow them to express gratitude, seek guidance and grow closer to God through prayer in word, gesture, silence and stillness. ​ Pope Francis’ Monthly Intentions ​ Click here to see Pope Francis’ 2024 Monthly Intentions paraphrased for children. Prayer Clubs ​ At our school, our faith journey extends beyond the classroom. Our extra-curricular prayer clubs provide a haven for our pupils to explore and embrace their faith, whilst also promoting a sense of unity. Pupils are encouraged to engage in meaningful discussions and cultivate their love of prayer, while growing closer to God. Click here to go to the prayer club page. ​ Home-School Links During this Year of Prayer, we are asking parents and carers to join with us to support their children in becoming more devoted to prayer and grow in their love of prayer. During February half term, we asked our families to create one of Pope Francis’ Five Finger Prayers. ​ ​ ​ We shared family prayer ideas for the Feast of Corpus Christi. We will continue to add more home-school links throughout the year!

  • Liturgical Year | St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School

    Liturgy and Prayer at St Bernadette’s School “The first task in life is this: prayer. But not the prayer of words, like a parrot; but prayer of the heart; gazing on the Lord, hearing the Lord, asking the Lord.” Pope Francis. ​ ​ ​ As a Catholic primary school, collective worship is a vitally important part of life at St Bernadette’s. In worship we acknowledge God’s presence in our lives and we respond to this through prayer. Growing Closer to God ​ In its simplest form, prayer is defined as “talking to God.” It is a personal time of opening our hearts to our Heavenly Father and bringing everything in our hearts to Him. Prayer can be a powerful force for change in our lives, and the importance of doing it on a daily basis is instilled in our children. Communication is the foundation for success in any relationship. When we communicate openly and freely with each other, we learn to know each other as individuals. This principle also applies to our relationship with God. By talking to God, we can learn more about who He is and what plan He has for us. Prayer Has a Purpose ​ It is important that our children and our staff understand that there is a purpose to prayer. Jesus frequently prayed during His life on Earth. He had a reason for doing so. Our prayers are something that God deeply desires. But our prayers are not for His benefit; as a perfect Divine Being, God is complete in His power and knowledge. Pupil Prayer ​ Children will pray four times daily in school. They are expected to learn a variety of traditional prayers as they move through school, but they are also expected to write their own prayers and have an understanding that prayers fall into five main categories: praise, adoration, thanksgiving, intercession and prayers of petition. Children will have the opportunity to take the class prayer bag home each week, to encourage families to pray together. The expectations for each year band can be seen below. About: About Us Year Band Prayers EYFS Prayers Y1 Prayers Y4 Prayers Y2 Prayers Y5 Prayers Y3 Prayers Y6 Prayers Liturgical Year The Liturgical Year, also known as the Church Year or Calendar. It consists of the cycle that determines when different Seasons of the Church, holy days, feast days, including celebration of Saints, are observed, and which portions of Scripture are to be read either in an annual cycle or in a cycle of several years at Mass for the Gospel and other readings. Aside from the readings, the Liturgical Calendar also determines the interior decoration of a Church, the Priest's vestment colours (distinct liturgical colours are used in connection with different Seasons), the timing of spiritual seasons and practices such as Lent, and much more. The Year is divided into seven main parts. The shortest but most holy being the Sacred Pascal Triduum. (The three days leading up to Easter.) The Churches year starts with Advent in November or December and ends the following November or December with the Feast of Christ the King. The Stations Of The Cross As a school community, our prayers and liturgy can have a different focus throughout the liturgical year.

  • Governors | St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School

    School Governors Governor Portal Governors: About Us St Bernadette's Governing Body Our Governors are an amazing group of volunteers who serve the parish of Holy Family in Small Heath. They support our school in educating children in a happy, calm and safe environment where they feel surrounded by God’s love. Governors play an important role in the leadership and management of the school. They are involved in the recruitment of staff, formulating the school budget and ensuring the curriculum we offer to the children in school is engaging, challenging and appropriate. The Governors are regular visitors in school, offering support and challenge in equal measures and holding the Head and senior leadership team to account. ​ The Governing Body's aim is to work closely with the Headteacher, the leadership team and the staff, in order to help the children at the school achieve their full potential. They meet as a Full Governing Body four times a year and in addition to this, will meet in smaller sub- committees to focus on finance, staffing, admissions or curriculum. Our Governing Body is made up of 7 Foundation Governors who are appointed by the diocese, two parent governors, appointed by the parents, a Staff Governor and a Local Authority Governor. All serve for a term of four years. ​ ​ If you would like to contact the Governing Body, please forward hard copies of mail to Mr John Lenihan c/o St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School, Hob Moor Road, Yardley Birmingham, B258QL. Emails to be sent to and given the title 'For the attention of Mr John Lenihan'. The School Governors ​ Mr John Lenihan Chair of Governors (FG) Curriculum Governor / Finance Governor / Mathematics Governor ​ Mrs Gemma Wrench Vice-Chair Parent Governor / Chair of Finance / Curriculum Governor ​ Mrs Maria Winters Foundation Governor / RE Governor / Chair of curriculum ​ Fr Fretch Ballesteros Foundation Governor / R.E Governor ​ Mrs Vas Panayiotou Parent Governor / Safeguarding Governor ​ Mrs P Moran Foundation Governor ​ Mr Carlos De la Cruz Foundation Governor / Finance Governor ​ Miss Angela Cowings Headteacher Governor ​ Mr Iqbal Local Authority Governor ​ Mr Carroll Staff Governor / SEN Governor / Finance Governor ​ Mrs Quinlan Foundation Governor ​ Mrs Maria Smallwood Clerk to Governors Admissions Committee Pupil Discipline Committee School Hearings Committee Curriculum & Standards Committee Terms of Reference Resources Committee Governor Information Terms Of Reference Dismissal Appeal Terms of Reference Curriculum & Standards Terms of Reference School Hearings Terms of Reference Admissions Terms of Reference Pupil Discipline Presentations to Governors RE KS2 English.pdf KS1 English.pdf PE.pdf Maths.pdf School Financial Benchmarking Governors: List Any correspondence to the Governors should be addressed c/o St. Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School. Miss A Cowings Head Teacher I joined St Bernadette’s School in 2002 as Deputy Head and was appointed as Head Teacher in 2006. Since my appointment I have always been a member of the Governing Body and work closely with the dedicated team of volunteers to develop provision within school. As Head teacher it is my duty to deal with the day to day management of the school. As a member of the Governing Body we provide the strategic management. We set the general direction of the school and consider ways that it can best be developed. As a team, we monitor the school’s progress and set annual targets for the school’s performance. The team of governors act as a critical friend to the Head, whilst providing me with the necessary support required to lead the school. John Lenihan Chair of Governors I was appointed as a Governor in March 2019. I am currently a member of the Resources Committee. I previously served as a Governor at Corpus Christi School in Stechford. After spending 50 years in the Printing Industry and having grandchildren in the school I am now looking forward to supporting St. Bernadettes pupils and staff in the challenging world of education. Mr C. Dela Cruz Foundation Governor I have been a school governor for a number of years and have seen a lot of changes throughout the years. I have really enjoyed being on the school governing board, and doing my best to contribute in ensuring the school provides the very best facilities, support for the teaching & non-teachingstaff, and to ensure all pupils to have opportunity and encouragement toreach their full potentials. Kristin Quinlan Foundation Governor I've been a Foundation Governor at St Bernadette's since 2016. My day job is working as Head of Legal and Company Secretary at a water company, so I have experience of working in corporate governance and I hope that I bring some of my skills and experience from that role to my role on the Governing Body. For me, the role of the Governing Body is to support and provide healthy challenge to the leadership team at St Bernadette's for the benefit of the pupils, and I really enjoy playing my part in that. G Wrench Parent Governor I have been a parent governor at St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School since 2018. As part of my role, I am the link Governor for Literacy and also the Chair for the Resources Committee and a member of the Admissions Committee. I believe the children’s education, progress, personal welfare and development should be at the heart of all decision making at school. I am happy to be part of the Governing Body that will support the school in order to get the best outcomes for the children. T Moran Foundation Governor I was appointed as a Foundation Governor in February 2023. I was a teacher at St. Bernadette’s for thirty-three years, and I retired from St. Bernadette’s and teaching almost seven years ago. I hope that I can bring some of my skills and experience from my years of teaching to my role on the Governing Body. I look forward to supporting the pupils and staff of St. Bernadette’s in any way that I can. Fr Fretch Ballesteros Foundation Governor ​ Vasiliki Panayiotou Parent Governor I would like to introduce myself as the new Parent Governor of St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School. My name is Vasiliki Panayiotou (please refer to me as Vas) and I joined the Board of Governor's on 20th December 2019. I am honoured and privileged to have been given this opportunity to represent the parents of the children that attend the school by Miss A Cowings. I will do my utmost for the best interests of all concerned, in connection with the school. Before I became a full time mother to our 2 girls I worked in telesales for a wholesale food distribution company for around 8 years and prior to that, I co-owned a business in floristry for around 20 years in Solihull. My eldest daughter, who is five, is in Year 1 at St Bernadette's and our youngest is 16 months old, going onto 6! I can't speak highly enough about St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School or all the staff in connection with the school. I remember when we visited the school during an open day and my first thoughts were about the impeccable behaviour of the children. Also, during the classroom visits we observed how the teachers interacted with the children and we saw the passion and commitment they have in everything they do. I turned to my husband and said, this is where I want our daughter to come and he agreed. We feel blessed that our children are and will be attending the best school Alex Carroll Staff Governor I have worked at St Bernadette's since 2001 and have been staff governor since 2020???? It is my privilege to be part of such a vibrant and hard working school community, both as a member of staff and governor. Cllr Zafar Iqbal Foundation Governor I was previously a Governor at St Bernadette’s, I have a long association with the school and was previously a Governor some years ago when my son attended. I am now an LEA appointed governor and as I live close by I have a genuine interest in supporting my local schools. Governors: List Governors: List

  • Pastoral Support | St Bernadette's Cath

    Pastoral Support PASTORAL SUPPORT Pastoral Team: Mr Carroll, Miss Hulse, Mrs Shalvey and Mrs Payne. ​ Please take a look at the following websites where you will be able to access support from various organisations if needed. BARNARDO’S – Support for children, young people and families in need. Contact details: , Helpline telephone: 0121-550-5271. SHELTER - Housing advise and homelessness. Contact details: , Telephone helpline number 0300-330-1234 MIND - Adult support for mental health, benefits and housing. Contact details: Birmingham, Telephone 0121-262-3555 Support for key worker practical advice for staying at home taking care of your mental health support for work, benefits, and housing talking to children about coronavirus how to talk to your anxious child or teen about Coronavirus and much more WOMEN’S AID - Provides front line domestic violence and abuse support to women and children in Birmingham and Solihull area. Contact details: Contact telephone number: 0800 800 0028 (freephone helpline)/ 07891 492327 for anyone who would have accessed the drop-in centres. Any women at risk of homelessness as a result of domestic violence and abuse in Birmingham can call the Housing Options HUB. Telephone number: 0800 169 9604 EDWARDS TRUST - Support for Children and Families facing loss and surviving bereavement across the West Midlands. Contact details: Bereavement telephone: 0121-454-1705 CRUSE BEREAVEMENT CARE - Support for Children and Families facing loss and surviving bereavement. Open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm Contact Telephone number: 0808 808 1677 Email: BIRMINGHAM CHILDREN'S TRUST - COMMUNITY EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY - Offer family telephone support for those living in Solihull - 5 days a week Contact telephone number: 0121 779 1734 Email: How best to look after your own and/or your child mental and emotional wellbeing on a daily basis How to talk with children about COVID - 19 and their worries relayed to it How to support children to engage with learning at home How best to maintain social connections whilst complying with social distancing How to manage behaviour that can be challenging or difficult to manage FOOD BANK VOUCHERS - These can be obtained from school. Your local Children’s Centre will also be able to offer you advice and may sign post you to other appropriate organisations. We also know that lots of children will be over hearing adult conversations, listening to the news, and have access to social media etc. all of which may leave them feeling confused and frightened. Please have a look at these links with your children to help them understand about coronavirus, social distancing and self-isolation as they may benefit from a simple explanation; Further support can also be accessed through: CHILDLINE- 0800 1111 SHOUT 24/7 - free text service for children- text to 85258 CHILDMIND HTTPS://CHILDMIND.ORG/ARTICLE/HOW-MINDFULNESS-CAN-HELP-DURING-COVID-19/ provides simple mindfulness activities to do with children PAUSE - is a drop in mental health and emotional well-being service for under 25s it is currently offering telephone support from 10 am - 6 pm 7 days a week for children and their parents. contact no: 0207 841 4470 email: OUR ROOTS CIC offers free telephone counselling (CBT or talk therapy) Telephone : 0121 439 9045 For support, advice and information in a crisis please contact one of the following: - YOUR GP or out of hours service - SAMARITANS on 116 123 free 24hr support - POLICE -Call 111 (open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) - SANELINE on 0845 767 8000 (open 4:30 pm – 10:30pm every day) - CALM HELPLINE 0800 58 58 58 open 5pm – Midnight 365 days a year

  • School Meals | St Bernadette's Cath

    School Meals At St Bernadette's our school meals are provided by Cityserve. They provide a nutritionally balanced meal for our children who have a school meal at lunchtime. The menu provided runs on a 4 weekly rolling cycle and includes healthy and nutritious options each day. If your child has a school meal please complete the menu choices below. Please only complete this once as this information will be used by the cook to order ingredients and produce the correct number of meals Dear Parents/Carers ​ I am writing to introduce myself as the Schools new Catering Supervisor. My name is Sharon Worth and I have twenty four years experience in this role. ​ I am passionate about providing our children with a tasty, healthy school lunch. Almost all of the food we serve is cooked from scratch using fresh locally sourced ingredients. We provide a salad cart with fresh bread daily. ​ I am developing a new menu for 2022 and have lots of ideas for the coming months which include tasting sessions at parent evenings and regular theme days. ​ If you would like to contact me about your child’s dietary needs, or for any queries about school lunches please email me at ​ Kind Regards Sharon Worth

  • Policies & Admissions | St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School

    Policies Attendance 2022-23 Accessibility Plan 2023-26 Anti-Bullying 2022-23 Behaviour Statement 2021-22 Behaviour Policy 2022-23 Breakfast Club British Values & SMSC Calculation Policy Calculation Policy Guidance Charging & Remissions 2022-23 Child Friendly Anti Bullying 2019-2020 Collective Worship Complaints 2023-24 Computing Acceptable Use Policy 23-24 Computing Policy 23-24 Educational Visits 2021-22 Equality & Diversity 2022-23 EYFS Policy 2020-21 Exclusions 2021-22 EYFS Food GDPR Data Protection Policy GDPR Privacy Notice Pupils & Their Families Homework Policy 2023 24 Gender Equality 2019-2022 Health & Safety 2023-24 Inclusion 2023-24 Intimate Care Policy 2020-2021 Maths Policy 22/23 Online Safety Policy 2023-24 RE Policy 2021-22 Pupil Premium Policy 2022-23 Parent Code of Conduct PE Gifted & Talented RSE Policy Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy 2023-24 SEND 2023-24 Science Policy 23-24 Uncollected Children Uniform Policy Sept 2023-24

  • Prayer Clubs | St Bernadette's Cath

    Prayer Clubs At our school, our faith journey extends beyond the classroom. Our extra-curricular prayer clubs provide a haven for our pupils to explore and embrace their faith, whilst also promoting a sense of unity. Pupils are encouraged to engage in meaningful discussions and cultivate their religious practices. We understand the importance of nurturing the whole child, and our prayer clubs play a vital role in supporting their emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. We invite all pupils from EYFS to Year 6, seeking a space for reflection and connection, to participate in these integral extra-curricular prayer clubs. December - Advent During Advent, we have the opportunity to gather as a KS2 family to share ideas about how we can be ready to meet Jesus. This year the children collectively created an Advent Reflection. They reflected on simple steps that they could take in their daily lives and explored how they could carry out our mission. Lent During Lent, we gather together to explore CAFOD’s Lenten calendar to help us journey through Lent. This year our Year 4 pupils reflected on Pope Francis’ Lenten message and began each session by exploring how Jesus speaks to us through the word of God. They explored daily readings and used CAFOD’s online Lent calendar to journey through Lent with their global family. The children created purple prayer cubes and encouraged each other to preform acts of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Lenten Prayer Club Through the inspiring resources from Mission Together, we gathered together in prayer, exploring themes of repentance, sacrifice, and renewal. Our interactive sessions incorporated Lent-themed craft activities, providing hands-on experiences that reinforced the messaged shared in the weekly Gospel reading. May - The Month of Mary Our prayer club in May is dedicated to “Mary”. This year, the children were provided with the opportunity to learn about, explore and pray the mysteries of the Holy Rosary. Each week the children explored and reflected on one of the four mysteries. June - The Sacred Heart During the month of June, children from Reception and KS1 have the opportunity to take part in a Sacred Heart Prayer Club. This year the children gathered together to learn about the devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The children were encouraged to be prayerful and attentive during this special time. All children took an active role in the club; setting up the prayer table, writing and reading prayers, singing Hymns and listening to the word God. The children had the opportunity to create Sacred Hearts using a range of different materials, building upon skills they have learnt during their art lessons. They also reflected on the devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and shared prayers of love and thanks.

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