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  • Education | St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School | West Midlands

    St. Bernadette's Catholic Primary School Learn to love, love to learn. Parent Pay Newsletter A quick reference guide for parents and staff (March 2021) Covid-19 Related Pupil Absence 16/7/21 Year 5 self isolation letter, click here to download At St. Bernadette's Catholic School you will find us caring, hardworking and co-operative. We follow the ways of Jesus using our talents and gifts to make our school special. We show respect to all and welcome you Learn More Upcoming Events

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    Pupil Premium Pupil Premium Policy 2020 Pupil Premium Strategies Pupil Premium Strategies Action Plan

  • Our School | St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School

    Ethos Pupil Premium The McNally Award Staff List Head Teacher's Welcome Welcome Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make in their early years. As a parent you want your child to feel safe, secure and happy at school. At St Bernadette’s School all children are encouraged, supported and challenged to become the best that they can be. St Bernadette’s is a Catholic school and our motto “Learn to Love, love to learn” is at the heart of everything we do. St Bernadette’s is much more than an educational establishment it is a place where the children are offered stability and enrichment to learn effectively and develop into well rounded, responsible and respectful young people. On a recent Ofsted inspection the school was classed as outstanding for personal development and welfare, this is something we as a school are very proud of, the Ofsted inspection is available on the school website and I would encourage you to read it. A Cowings Headteacher Ofsted Report The Archdiocese of Birmingham Education Service SIP Action Plan SIP Reading Action Plan SIP Writing Action Plan Ethos St. Bernadette’s is much more than just an educational establishment; it is a beacon of hope and a place which has to offer: Children: The stability and enrichment they need to become well rounded individuals who are well prepared for the life ahead of them. Staff: A sense of fulfilment and achievement. Parents: A school which assists them in the religious formation of their children and offers them support and advice to develop their children socially, morally and academically. Implications Therefore we need to provide: Children: A broad and exciting curriculum which engages all. A safe and secure stimulating environment in which children are nurtured and supported. A set of moral values, which inform the choices they make. Staff: Quality professional development based on assessment of needs. Opportunities to network with other educational establishments. Parents: Up to date information on curriculum and pastoral matters. Opportunities to develop parenting skills Prospectus School Tour 2020 /21 The Pupil Premium The pupil premium is additional funding given to publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers. See the pdf document below for detailed information on our Pupil Premium impact for 2018/19 and the action plan for 2019/20 PP Strategies Impact 2020 PP Strategies Plan 2020-21 Pupil Premium Policy The McNally Award 2019 2019 2017 2017 2016 2016 2015 2015 The McNally Award Every year in the summer term, one child from each year band, Nursery to year 6, is nominated to receive the McNally award. Staff within the year band, choose a child who has displayed an exceptional attitude towards school life throughout the academic year. Typically, these children will display impeccable manners on a daily basis. They will give their very best in every lesson and will be supportive of their peers and their teachers. The award was introduced in 2015, following the death of Mr John McNally who had been the charismatic Head Teacher of St Bernadette’s School until 2005. Mr McNally saw the school grow from 180 pupils to 700 pupils over a period of years. He was well respected in the local community due to his strong leadership and continuous drive to achieve high standards of discipline and academic success. St. Bernadette's Staff Miss Cowings – Head Teacher Mr Lavin – Deputy Head Teacher Mr Carroll – Assistant Head / Science Faculty Leader Miss C Connaire - Assistant Head / Humanities Faculty Leader ​ Miss K Lakin – 6KL Year 6 Teacher / English Co-ordinator KS2 Miss Z Boron - 6ZB Year 6 Teacher Mr A Markham-Jones – 6AMJ Year 6 Teacher / PE Co-ordinator Mrs M Kerrigan – Year 6 Teaching Assistant ​ Miss C Grant - Year 5 & 6 English Teacher / MFL Co-ordinator Mrs K Harston – 5KH Year 5 Teacher / Topic Co-ordinator Mr E Baker - 5EB Year 5 Teacher Mrs L Canning – Year 5 Teacher Mrs McCartan – Year 5 Teaching Assistant ​ Miss A Hulse - 4AH Year 4 Teacher / ICT Co-ordinator Mrs C Brownhill – 4CB Year 4 Teacher / Science Co-ordinator KS1 Miss C Manders - 4CM Year 4 Teacher Mrs A McDaniel - Year 4 Teacher Mrs Colclough – Year 4 Teaching Assistant ​ Mrs T Kelly – 3TK Year 3 Teacher Ms Ryan - 3JR LC Year 3 Teacher Mrs E Hill - 3EH Year 3 Teacher / RE Co-ordinator Ms Corkery – Year 3 Teacher / Science Co-ordinator KS2 Mrs Yakoob - Year 3 Teaching Assistant ​ Mr R Wayne - 2RW Year 2 Teacher Miss O’Toole – Year 2 Teacher / English Co-ordinator KS1 Mrs E Lennon – 2EL Year 2 Teacher Miss S Fiddler - 2SF Year 2 Teacher Mrs L Gray – Year 2 Teaching Assistant Mrs J Robinson – Year 2 Teaching Assistant ​ ​ Miss Gibbs - 1EG Year 1 Teacher Miss O Bowden - 1OB Year 1 Teacher Mrs Clarke – 1SF Year 1 Teaching Assistant Miss McGrath – 1SMcG Year 1 Teacher / Topic Co-ordinator Ms Baker – 1SMcG Year 1 Teaching Assistant Mrs Begum – 1SJ Year 1 Teaching Assistant ​ Miss Deards – RSD Reception Teacher Mrs Dawood - RND Reception Teacher Ms T O'Neil – RSD Reception Teaching Assistant Miss P Fullerton – RPF Reception Teacher Mrs Heeley – RPF Reception Teaching Assistant Mrs A Robbins - REF Reception Teaching Assistant ​ Miss Finnegan – Nursery Teacher / Maths KS1 Miss E Barron – Nursery Teaching Assistant Ms O’Brien – Nursery Teaching Assistant Mrs S Buchanan - Nursery Teaching Assistant ​ Mrs R Kelly – SENCO Mr Kingston – PPA Mrs Jones - PPA / PSHE Co-ordinator Mrs Docker – Support Teacher ​ Mrs Shalvey – Learning Mentor / PSA Mrs Payne – Learning Mentor ​ Mrs Smallwood – Office Mrs Byng – Office Miss K O'Neil – Office ​ Mrs J Lewis – SEN Support Mrs Apted – Technician Mr Abbott – ICT Operations Manager Mr Malone – Building Site Supervisor Mrs Benton – School Cook

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